Restoring Truth & Accountability

A healthy democracy requires a government its citizens trust to act in their best interest. That means a government that is transparent and co-equal branches of government acting as checks and balances.  A healthy democracy also values the fourth estate - the media - and understands the integral role it plays in informing citizens. Our country prospers when the people are confident that no one is above the law and that violators will be held accountable.  


We are a nation of immigrants and diversity is one of Texas’ greatest strengths. We don’t need a wall. We don’t need an impractical symbol of division. We need realistic, comprehensive immigration reform. Let’s protect Dreamers. For those brought here as children, Texas is the only home they’ve ever known. Let’s give those that have grown up here and contributed to society a pathway to citizenship. Those fleeing their countries seeking refuge from violence should get a fair shot under asylum laws. Let’s implement humane immigration policies.


No one should go bankrupt or worry about losing healthcare on top of losing a job. No Texan’s only option should be to go to the Emergency Room due to lack of healthcare coverage. Improve the Affordable Care Act. Make sure those with pre-existing conditions are protected. Expand Medicaid and Medicare to cover more Texans. Let’s strive to get everyone covered.

Women's Rights

This one hits close to home. My mother passed due to maternal complications. This is all too common in Texas and the United States, an anomaly among developed countries. Let’s address this problem and work to solve this underreported issue. Let’s expand access to women’s healthcare, not curtail it. Empower women to choose what do with their own bodies.  That means advocating for pro-choice policies.


For all Americans, education is key to building a brighter future. We should invest in our teachers and students. We should fund underfunded public schools. We should take action on the student loan problem that plagues too many youth and make sure students have access to affordable programs that brings results - whether that means more scholarships and grants for promising students, or increasing access to community college, trade schools or certificate programs.


We need an economy where everyone has a chance to prosper. We should promote policies that bolster the shrinking middle class and create conditions for small businesses to thrive. We should invest in training programs for those unemployed or underemployed so they can adapt their skills to the changing economy.  

Climate Change

The scientific consensus is undeniable when it comes to climate change. The United States should be a world leader in addressing this dire and pressing global problem. We should rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement, listen to scientific recommendations and take action on climate change.

Supporting Veterans

Born on a military base, I understand some of the challenges veterans and their families face. In Congress, I’ll fight to bring healthcare, education, and economic opportunities to veterans. It’s the least we can do for those that have served our country honorably.


All Americans should be treated equal under the law. Discrimination has no place in modern America. That means equal pay for equal work. That means LGBTQ Americans should have the same rights as all Americans.