Liz’s Early Life

Liz with siblings and step-mother

Liz with siblings and step-mother

Thirty years ago, my family moved from a military base overseas to the United States. The move came after my biological mother passed away giving birth to my younger brother at a U.S. Naval hospital. Under these unfortunate circumstances, we set out for a new life in the U.S.

Despite these hardships, I always believed in the American dream - that through hard work, determination, and integrity, this was a nation where you could accomplish great things no matter your background.

During college, I simultaneously studied, worked, and interned at a local news station. I was not born into a connected family, but was convinced remaining dedicated would allow me to accomplish my goals. So I took every opportunity.



After college, I freelanced at a local news station as a writer and producer, then moved thousands of miles away to be an anchor and reporter at a news station in Saipan, a Commonwealth of the U.S. in the Pacific.

In 2011, an international cable news outlet called RT contacted and recruited me. During this time of a “Russian reset,” they said it was an opportunity to cover stories neglected by the mainstream media and that would give a voice to the voiceless. This mission resonated with me.

In 2014, the station took a turn for the worse and morphed from an alternative news platform to a full-blown propaganda machine, churning out disinformation on the wars in Ukraine and Syria.  That’s when I decided to take action and resign on the air. That viral moment helped to spark awareness about Russian disinformation and foreign meddling in democracies. Today, it’s a top national security issue.

Since then, I have traveled to several countries, speaking about defending democracy and fighting disinformation in the digital age. I have advised government leaders, diplomats, journalists and students around the globe on how to understand and tackle this growing threat.

Liz Wahl on Fake News and The Hope for Democracy

Appeared on Colbert Report after standing up to Putin


Moving Forward


Dedicated to truth and justice and compelled to do more politically, I decided to run for U.S. Congress from Texas’ 23rd District. I stood up for what was right when I quit on the air. If I’m elected to represent you, I promise to bring the same level of conviction to Congress. Too many in Congress fight more for their jobs than they do for their constituents or country. We need fresh faces that can hold this Administration accountable where others have failed. I believe America will prosper through regaining our standing in the world and healing divisions exploited by foreign adversaries and political opportunists. Additionally, I will fight to restore opportunities for all Americans through access to affordable healthcare, education, and humane immigration policies. I understand how hard it can be for average Americans, immigrants and minorities today. I’ll fight to ensure that all Texans stand a chance to prosper in this great country.